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Lighting Ideas for Stairs

Indoors or outdoors, lighting a stairway improves safety and adds an inviting glow to your space. LED step lights can be used to enhance your landscape, to amplify your deck lighting when entertaining, for commercial exterior lighting, or simply to feel more secure knowing your staircase is brightly lit.



One option would be to have some lights built into the wall adjacent to the staircase. Depending on the size of your staircase, 3 or 4 lights should be enough. In this case, the rectangular shape of the lights matches the design of the staircase and integrates seamlessly into the whole décor.


The design and construction of the stair detailing was quite complex; fittings had to be invisible from any angle, yet easily removable for maintenance if required.  We liaised closely with the staircase providers to define exactly how the risers, nosing and cable access were constructed.  The end result has worked perfectly and transforms what could be a plain corner of a games room into a welcoming, visual link between the main entertaining space and the mezzanine above.  Again the key to delivering this level of finish is integrating the lighting design into the wider build plans at an early stage.



There are many ways to light staircases with treatments suitable for all styles and periods of houses.  The consistent theme running these sample solutions is the importance of integrating the lighting design with the architecture and the interior treatment.  Involving your lighting designer early in the design process means the cabling, fixing locations and fixture specifications for your staircase lighting can be incorporated at the correct stages of your build.



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Lighting Ideas for Nursery Room

I love how people are thinking outside the box when it comes to their nursery design. Not only do you see bold, fun trends in colors, wallpaper, seating and artwork, lighting choices have become another cool way to express your style.

Put up ceiling fixtures. Overhead fixtures are the safest light source in a nursery since the wiring is behind walls and the fixture itself is well out of the baby’s reach. Choose a fixture style with a shade that covers the bulb and softens the light; babies spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling, and untamed bulbs can be harsh on young eyes. Some shades have glow-in-the-dark designs that linger long after lights-out, giving the baby something to gaze at.



If you are having several recessed lights installed, consider having several switches so that the lights can be operated independently. And whether you have one overhead light or several, be sure to install a dimmer switch to make it easy to check on the baby at night without rousing him.

Have a lamp with a really low wattage bulb. It’s a little like the light you get from behind the curtains just as the sun is rising. If need to, Blinds are a great way to alter the amount of light in your baby’s nursery during the day.



Table lamps come in a wide range of nursery-appropriate styles; many are designed to match bedding sets or have juvenile themes. Some are made of ceramic, others of painted wood, and still others are crafted from antique toys. In some cases, the lamp base is the decorative centerpiece, while other lamps feature a clever shade. However, try to avoid putting table lamps near the edges of shelves or tables. These are likely to get pulled over when your baby starts crawling.





Basement Lighting Ideas

If you’re looking for extra space to expand your home and haven’t considered the basement, you’re missing out on the possibilities of this perennially underrated room. Long relegated to use as little more than laundry rooms and storage areas, basement remodeling can enable everything from guest suites to media rooms.


bar basement luxury estate home

If your goal is to make your basement a place for recreation or living, then lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider. When it comes to lighting a basement properly, the necessary steps differ from other rooms in a house because the structure of a basement is inherently different–e.g., few or no windows. However, once you’ve learned how to choose the proper lighting for a basement, you will be able to perfect the lighting in a way that suits your preferences.



Track lighting can be a remodeled basement’s best friend. It is easy to install, doesn’t take up floor or wall space, and is remarkably flexible. Many systems, such as the one shown here, combine both spot fixtures for accent lighting and pendant or flood fixtures for ambient lighting. Track lighting also allows you to easily change the room lighting when you rearrange the room’s furnishings or design–without having to change the fixtures

One of the most commonly cited problems in basement spaces is the lack of natural light. But with some careful planning and creative lighting design, even this seemingly fatal flaw can be corrected.



A basement with nothing more than overall lighting can feel very artificial and empty due to the harshness of the lights. Lamps can improve a harshly lit environment by introducing soft, ambient lighting. This type of lighting works by accenting certain zones of the room. For example, a lamp on a table by a couch can make the area around the couch feel more lively. Where to place accent lighting is up to your personal preference, but in most cases you would want to place them in areas that you want to emphasize, such as a desk or a media corner.

Ceiling Lighting Ideas – Antique Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lighting particularly antique ceiling lighting will make a terrific distinction towards the atmosphere within your personal. The judicious use of the appropriate type of lights will make each of the difference to the atmosphere within your property. ceiling lighting Create a appear above you, and chances are you quite fantastic there is a ceiling light of 1 kind or another shining down (or waiting to). In the bathroom and kitchen to bedroom and hallway, there’s a ceiling light for the wants. ceiling lighting fixtures Devoid of drop ceiling light panels, offices would need to invest a great deal far more money on lighting fixtures. However, as a result of this fantastic feature of an dropped ceiling, lighting is usually incorporated suitable in to the ceiling with no any hassle. Usually a florescent bulb is put above a translucent panel, which makes it possible for light by way of. Being released a number of shapes and sizes, drop ceiling light panels certainly are a versatile weapon inside your household or office lighting arsenal. ceiling lighting options considering that historic occasions, persons have been utilizing different forms of lights to light up their homes, places of perform and so on. With evolution even lighting systems have undergone metamorphosis and currently there are actually a sizable quantity of lighting systems obtainable; ceiling lights getting a single with the most extensively utilized lighting systems. These are simple to use and install. ceiling lighting design The ceiling fixtures within our properties are arguably essentially the most essential ones, as they are normally made use of probably the most frequently and serve as the greatest source of light in a area. However, the selection of custom light fixtures for ceilings seems to be unlimited. These pieces are readily available in most varieties of shapes, colors, and sizes, providing you together with options. ceiling lighting for kitchen Outdoor ceiling lighting is yours to the selecting, but you should undoubtedly be certain that you get outside lights in the event you reside within the region that features a lot of inclement weather. Obtaining indoor lights that are not rated for use outdoors in locations prone to rain or snow can result in a good deal of problems with electrical wires and ultimately build fire hazards.

Stairway Lighting Ideas – Christmas Home Decorating Suggestions for Houses available on the market

Whilst getting your home available on the market during holiday season, try to reduce your house decoration. It is better showing the room open and airy, and not cluttered with excessive decoration. stairway lighting ideas Lighting fixture application and descriptions for your beginner. basement stairway lighting ideas Lighting your outdoor places with landscape lighting fixtures is really a sound thought. Whether it truly is for looks or for safety, you’ll have several alternatives to create. If security can be your main goal, you can nevertheless include things like appealing lights that may help you by means of your yard. Boring stake lights and strings from corner to corner have left, and rather you will discover appealing, theme related lights which will suit your budget as well as your personal style. picture of picture-of-stairway-lighting-ideas.jpg Solar walk lighting fixtures include the technique to go if you’re considering renovating the look and characteristics of one’s outdoor space. But they may be not merely employed for decoration or energy bill reduction. Solar walkway lighting is also beneficial in deterring criminal actions and saving the atmosphere. stairway-lighting-ideas-photo.jpg photo When it comes to fixing pendant lights, hanging custom light fixtures are very well-known. The fixtures these days are readily available in a number of tends to make, styles and models. You will find quite a few good-looking fixtures that strengthen the decor from the already-beautiful pendant light. Plus the correct fixture tends to make all of the distinction on the subject of usability of the pendant lights. stairway-lighting-ideas-image.jpg image 1 in the main motivators for the homeowner in contemplating an outdoor or deck region as being an add-on on their dwelling is its entertainment value. Cruise your neighborhood through the day and you’ll over most likely see only some people today using the deck or patio.