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Lighting Ideas for Nursery Room

I love how people are thinking outside the box when it comes to their nursery design. Not only do you see bold, fun trends in colors, wallpaper, seating and artwork, lighting choices have become another cool way to express your style.

Put up ceiling fixtures. Overhead fixtures are the safest light source in a nursery since the wiring is behind walls and the fixture itself is well out of the baby’s reach. Choose a fixture style with a shade that covers the bulb and softens the light; babies spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling, and untamed bulbs can be harsh on young eyes. Some shades have glow-in-the-dark designs that linger long after lights-out, giving the baby something to gaze at.



If you are having several recessed lights installed, consider having several switches so that the lights can be operated independently. And whether you have one overhead light or several, be sure to install a dimmer switch to make it easy to check on the baby at night without rousing him.

Have a lamp with a really low wattage bulb. It’s a little like the light you get from behind the curtains just as the sun is rising. If need to, Blinds are a great way to alter the amount of light in your baby’s nursery during the day.



Table lamps come in a wide range of nursery-appropriate styles; many are designed to match bedding sets or have juvenile themes. Some are made of ceramic, others of painted wood, and still others are crafted from antique toys. In some cases, the lamp base is the decorative centerpiece, while other lamps feature a clever shade. However, try to avoid putting table lamps near the edges of shelves or tables. These are likely to get pulled over when your baby starts crawling.





Basement Lighting Ideas

If you’re looking for extra space to expand your home and haven’t considered the basement, you’re missing out on the possibilities of this perennially underrated room. Long relegated to use as little more than laundry rooms and storage areas, basement remodeling can enable everything from guest suites to media rooms.


bar basement luxury estate home

If your goal is to make your basement a place for recreation or living, then lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider. When it comes to lighting a basement properly, the necessary steps differ from other rooms in a house because the structure of a basement is inherently different–e.g., few or no windows. However, once you’ve learned how to choose the proper lighting for a basement, you will be able to perfect the lighting in a way that suits your preferences.



Track lighting can be a remodeled basement’s best friend. It is easy to install, doesn’t take up floor or wall space, and is remarkably flexible. Many systems, such as the one shown here, combine both spot fixtures for accent lighting and pendant or flood fixtures for ambient lighting. Track lighting also allows you to easily change the room lighting when you rearrange the room’s furnishings or design–without having to change the fixtures

One of the most commonly cited problems in basement spaces is the lack of natural light. But with some careful planning and creative lighting design, even this seemingly fatal flaw can be corrected.



A basement with nothing more than overall lighting can feel very artificial and empty due to the harshness of the lights. Lamps can improve a harshly lit environment by introducing soft, ambient lighting. This type of lighting works by accenting certain zones of the room. For example, a lamp on a table by a couch can make the area around the couch feel more lively. Where to place accent lighting is up to your personal preference, but in most cases you would want to place them in areas that you want to emphasize, such as a desk or a media corner.

Lighting Ideas for Living Room

Enhance your living room’s design with light fixtures that blend function with style. Light layers should be placed to bounce illumination throughout a room and eliminate shadows from corners. In this living room, a burnished metal chandelier supplies overall light and visual interest. Twin sconces supply soft accent lighting and define the area around the fireplace and mirror. A scrolling floor lamp offers task lighting for the seating area.


Natural lighting is fantastic asset to any home, but the quality of the light depends on the aspect of the room. North facing: cold and harsh rather than direct sunlight. Artists choose north-facing studios because the light gives truer colour rendition. East facing: bright first thing in the morning followed by long shadows and no sun later in the day. Use artificial lighting to control glare and maximise the available natural light in north- and east-facing rooms. South facing: warm light all day, although it changes throughout the day and year. The midday sun is usually so bright it flattens everything out. Choose south-facing rooms for the kitchen, main living areas and other rooms you spend a lot of time in. West facing: sunlight at the hottest part of the day, which can cause glare. In the late afternoon, you’ll get long shadows and softer light.



The lounge is where accent lighting really comes into its own: use it to highlight collections of books, glass, pictures, plants, ornaments or just one cherished piece to make a real statement.



The key is to create a flexible scheme that takes you right through the day and all the different uses of your room. At the flick of a switch, you should be able to transform it from a bright, vibrant living space to the setting for a romantic dinner for two.


Choose tungsten bulbs for a rosy, welcoming glow. Don’t restrict yourself by making your lighting plan too fixed. For example, don’t position recessed downlighters at either end of the sofa or above other items of furniture, as you may want to move it all around at a later date.

Commercial Lighting Ideas – Commercial Lighting and Sports – Less Mundane As You might Believe

You ever appear up in the lights for the duration of your favorite sporting occasion? Or else, you may be missing one particular in the most significant elements from the game. commercial lighting Almost everything regarding the Olympics is often a massive deal. This isn’t just true about the competitors but additionally for the behind the curtain works including commercial lighting. commercial lighting industries It’s a typical misconception that any old commercial lighting will work for any situation. This thought processes could possibly cause OSHA concerns as well as hinder productivity and accuracy. commercial lighting fixtures The commercial business concentrates on spending additional on its advertisements and advertising and marketing. For larger corporations, they invest on billboards, Tv commercials, and newspaper advertisements. commercial lighting utah As with other hot item, commercial bulb has the benefit of trends and fashion. Centuries ago where everything was bleak and bare, light fixtures employed in business establishments had been just the orange colored oval shaped incandescent bulbs. However, as time and technologies evolved a lot of distinctive lamps popped-up like mushrooms. That’s what we refer to it innovations or perhaps the trend and fashion of technologies. commercial lighting sales The saying “commercial lighting” implies a focus on lighting up the non-residential buildings in the planet. Producers, specialist workplace spaces, historical landmarks, decorative embellishments, and sporting venues almost usually hire a lighting contractor to illuminate their physical domains. Even so, this phrase is usually employed to spell it out qualified lighting tactics and fittings made use of in residential settings.

Lighting Exterior Ideas – Copper Lighting That can bring Elegance to your Home and Workplace

Developing an extraordinary ambiance for your property and workplace. Flambeaux Lighting supply a managerie of handmade copper lights inspired from the styles of lanterns throughout in france they Quarter. Regular copper lanterns add elegance and sweetness to your property and generate a look at yesteryears. lighting exterior Do you have an exciting outdoor wall texture? In case you have beautiful old brick or attractive stone finish, adding outdoor wall sconces will highlight that lovely texture. lighting exterior signs By whatever name it may perhaps go, patio lighting, deck lighting or landscaping lights, exterior lighting is a more and more preferred way to present safety, beauty and utility for the outside places of one’s dwelling. Items have definitely changed in lighting more than yesteryear few years. lighting exterior fixtures One with the most prevalent selections in illumination for home owners is outdoor security lighting. Keeping an location nicely lit in the course of the hours of night goes a extended way like a deterrent to assist keep intruders and burglars away. Brightness and responsiveness are two from the most important characteristics to look for in outdoor security lights. lighting exterior environments Do you discover yourself not wanting to appear within the mirror inside the mornings? Come across out tips on how to begin a functional bathroom lighting design and strategy for the home. Make your bathrooms look almost like a qualified lighting designer planned it. lighting exterior house Any time you say achieving success in terms of lighting the restroom, it can be not merely about incorporating bits of fixtures for your bathroom to emerge as aesthetically best. Appropriate bathroom lighting design takes functionality as other element vital to become along with aesthetics.